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Learn English through creative tasks, investigation, real-life projects and experiments!

English Code uncovers the power of language to convince, startle and amaze, using an innovative methodology and a competence-based and STEAM syllabus (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) throughout. Students will develop a coding mindset to support creative language learning and engage with content which encourages creativity, problem solving, collaboration and real-world communication. This course will empower students for success in exams and help them face the challenges of a fast-evolving future.

More about STEAM

The 21st century demands life-long learners and individuals who can easily adapt, think ahead and innovate. STEAM activities stimulate the development of essential skills that meet the true needs of this new world.

Experiences about STEAM

English Code and NEW English Benchmark for Young Learners

Accurately track your students' progress over time

Part of our Connected English Learning Programme

English Benchmark Young Learners provides an independent measure of learner proficiency and formative information to support planning and next steps. As students learn with English Code teachers can use the English Benchmark tests to measure their progress. After students have taken their test, teachers are given detailed recommendations of which lessons to teach next to focus on the areas that need improvement.

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Benchmark test Young Learners

What makes English Code great?

Innovative methodology with units based around real-life learning experiences

English Code challenges and inspires students and focuses the learning from the very start, giving pupils a sense of control and direction in their learning journey.

Develops a coding mindset

The coding mindset encourages students to experiment and teaches them resilience, collaboration and problem-solving from the domain of computational thinking.

Fosters pupils' creativity

Creativity helps students to develop their creative potential through hands-on activities, exposing students to a variety of arts, and encouraging students to think and work imaginatively.

Forward-looking competence-based and STEAM syllabus

STEAM lessons in each unit enable students to learn English through a subject: science, technology, engineering, art and design, and maths (STEAM).

Builds pupils' critical thinking skills

Critical thinking activities help students to develop their critical thinking skills by providing opportunities to collect and identify evidence, create arguments, identify strengths and weaknesses, and suggest opportunities for improvement.

Promotes collaborative skills

Collaboration activities provide students with a variety of opportunities to develop their presentation and listening skills, and help them build confidence in speaking English through engaging group activities.

Sample Materials

You can access free samples for English Code materials so you can best see how this course suits your teaching needs. Check them out here:

Pupil's Book

Engage your learners and develop their English language skills, coding mindset, creativity, critical thinking and collaborative skills to prepare them for the real world. Units are based around real-life learning experiences that are relevant for today's children.

Activity Book

Reinforcement and additional practice of the Pupil's Book content for Students to work on in class, independently or in pairs/groups. Also includes a Progress Chart with stickers.

Phonics Book

Includes chants, songs and close-up phonics pronunciation videos to provide support for learners who are struggling to pronounce the sounds.

Grammar Book

Includes activities to support and stretch students, grammar animations and videos that serve to provide the language and structures in context.


Interactive Pupil's Book / Interactive Activity Book

Fully interactive digital versions of the Pupil's Book and Activity Book with integrated interactive activities, audio, video material and gradebook.

Extra Online Practice

Fun, auto-marked interactive exercises can be assigned as homework or extra practice. Also includes Speak and Record activities to help monitor speaking skills.

Pearson Practice English App

Enables students to practise learning English, anytime and anywhere on their device with access to course audio and video.

Teacher's Book

Includes comprehensive and easy-to-follow lesson flows, instructions, answers, extra activities and ideas, plus supporting material including insights into the educational rationale behind English Code, a games bank and audioscripts.

Also Available



LOMLOE Handy Guide

Includes references to competences, Learning Experiences (Situaciones de Aprendizaje) and Teaching Programmes aligned to the new curriculum and helps teachers navigate through the course to meet the requirements of the New Education Law.


Digital resources with external exam preparation material

Includes unit, end-of-term, and end-of-year tests plus extra photocopiable and assessment resources including class games and worksheets.

The Exam Practice pack provides exam preparation tests for Cambridge Pre-A1 Starters, A1 Movers, A2 Flyers, A2 Key for Schools and B1 Preliminary for Schools.

Presentation tool

A complete interactive version of the Pupil's Book and Activity Book with videos, interactive activities and teacher's resources.

Welcome to Pearson and Anaya Bilingual Programme

An Integrated Content and Language Learning Experience

The Pearson & Anaya Bilingual Programme integrates Pearson Primary English courses with courses from Anaya in Natural and Social Sciences, Arts & Crafts and Music to support you and your leaners in bilingual education.

English Code perfect partners to integrate your English and Bilingual classes

Social Sciences Anaya methodology
Natural Sciences Anaya methodology
Music materials Anaya methodology
Music materials Anaya methodology


1 2 3 4 5 6
Pupil's Book and Interactive Pupil's Book with Digital Resources 9788420577821 9788420577869 9788420577906 Available in 2023 9788420577944 Available in 2023
Activity Book and Interactive Activity Book with Digital Resources 9788420577838 9788420577876 9788420577913 9788420577951
Activity Book and Interactive Pupil's Book-Activity Book with Digital Resources 9788420577845 9788420577883 9788420577920 9788420577968
Interactive Pupil's Book with Digital Resources 9788420577982 9788420578019 9788420578040 9788420578071
Interactive Activity Book with Digital Resources 9788420577999 9788420578026 9788420578057 9788420578088
Interactive Pupil's Book-Activity Book with Digital Resources 9788420578002 9788420578033 9788420578064 9788420578095
Phonics Book 9781292322513 9781292322544 9781292322575 9781292322636
Grammar Book 9781292354514 9781292354521 9781292354538 9781292354552

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